Hexagon Logic / Make It 6


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Build up your child’s logical thinking skills, visual perception and observation skills with this puzzle game.

Specially designed for children aged 4 to 6 and above, the game comes in 2 different playing styles. Each challenge is carefully curated, moving from simple to difficult, building up the child’s confidence. This game presents a different way for understanding math. Each set comes with 10 tiles and 30 challenge cards.

A plus point? The tile pieces are magnets, which reduces the risk of your child losing a piece of it and it is also convenient to bring along for outings.

• 30 Challenge Cards (with solutions)
• 10 Tiles
• Illustrated Rules
Age Group:
• Hexagon Logic suitable for Age 4 and above
• Make It 6 is suitable for Age 6 and above
• 235X235X50(mm)

Pinwheel - Make It 6/Hexagon LogicPinwheel - Make It 6/Hexagon LogicPinwheel - Hexagon LogicPinwheel - Hexagon LogicPinwheel - Make It 6Pinwheel - Make It 6Pinwheel - Hexagon LogicPinwheel - Make It 6Pinwheel - Make It 6Pinwheel - Hexagon Logic

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Hexagon Logic, Make It 6


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