Progressive Jigsaw Puzzle Sets


Progressive Jigsaw Puzzle Sets – 7 Levels – Age 2 to 8 and above. Providing your young ones with seamless cognitive development as they progress.

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Progressive puzzles is a game that evolves with your little ones, encouraging cognitive development in them as they progress from one level of puzzle piecing to the next.

Puzzles help develop basic skills in your child, such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and a sense of achievement, which will put your child in a good stead for school. It is also important that puzzles integrate different themes so that your child will remain interested in the game for a prolonged period of time.

The game comes in 7 series, with each specially catered to different age groups with different stages of growth and development:

When the child has just started, we will start with simple puzzles showing daily activities. There are 5 boxes in stage 1, ranging from 2 to 6 pcs so you can progress to the next set when your child is ready. As you progress to stage 2 onward, the jigsaw set gets more complicated. With the help of a poster, it encourages observation and focus on children while they try to complete the puzzles. At stage 4 and 5 the puzzles can be put together to form a bigger scene. Numbers are printed behind each puzzle to help children; it also encourages children to learn the number sequence.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Day with Little Crocodile Seasons of the Year Halloween Party Animal Fun Bustling City Dinosaur Island Fantasy Town
1-2 years old 2-3 years old 2-3 years old 3-4 years old 4-5 years old 5-6 years old 6 years & above
5 boxes 4 boxes 3 boxes 3 boxes 3 boxes 3 boxes 2 boxes
2/3/4/5/6 pcs 9/12/15/20 pcs 24/30/35 pcs 48/56/63 pcs 72/88/96 pcs 108/117/130 pcs 154/208 pcs

2 to 5 boxes of jigsaw puzzles packed in a big box
Reward stickers
Progress card

Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle Pinwheel - Progressive Puzzle

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01 – Day with Little Crocodile (1.5+), 02 – Seasons of the Year (2+), 03 – Halloween Party (2.5+), 04 – Animal Fun, 05 – Bustling City (5+), 06 – Dinosaur World, 07 – Fantasy Town (6+)


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